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About Momentus Private Equity Group

We partner and co-invest with Momentus Business CEOs to identify businesses that could benefit from becoming part of the Momentus Growth Platform within our Private Equity Group.

Our Approach

Partnerships for Success:

We collaborate with investors, keeping them informed and actively involved in decision-making processes.

Focus on Mindful Leadership

We invest in businesses led by visionary, resilient leaders who embrace conscious growth principles.

Robust Due Diligence

Our experienced team rigorously assesses investment opportunities based on market analysis, growth potential, and risk evaluation.

Collaborative Value Creation

We work closely with portfolio companies, providing expertise, guidance, and access to our network for growth and value creation.

Commitment to Sustainability

We incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into our investment process, promoting responsible business practices.

Long-Term Perspective

We prioritize building enduring businesses with sustainable growth trajectories, aligning our interests with investors and stakeholders.

Advantages of
Momentus CEOs

Momentus empowers CEOs through a strong mentorship program and mindfulness focus:

CEOs develop a performance mindset rooted in mindfulness for better decision-making and resilience.

Our mentorship program fosters conscious growth, enabling CEOs to innovate and drive sustainable growth.

Mindfulness helps CEOs leverage intuition and emotional intelligence for effective communication and problem-solving.

CEOs prioritize well-being through mindfulness practices, maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

CEOs gain access to mentors and business leaders for guidance, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration.

Benefits from the Momentus Ecosystem

Access Extraordinary Talent

Leverage Best Practices

Partnerships and Collaboration

Receive Mentorship and Guidance

Enhance Learning and Development

Get Exposure and Higher Visibility

Access Capital and Funding

Investment Criteria

We are looking for businesses with the following characteristics for acquisitions:

  • Revenues of $15M+, Gross Margin 30%, EBITDA 10%
  • Demonstrates historical growth of 2% to 3% each year
  • Provides essential products/services
  • Stable customer base and repeat or recurring revenues
  • Low customer concentration
  • Non-cyclical business
  • Capable and scalable talent
  • Future business growth potential
  • Margin improvement opportunities
  • Process improvement opportunities

Join Momentus Private Equity

Investors seeking conscious growth, resilience, and positive impact can partner with Momentus Private Equity.

Together, we unlock the full potential of remarkable businesses for a bright future.

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If you feel aligned with our values and are looking forward to be part of our Momentus ecosystem, please contact us.

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