Our Purpose

Momentus’ Purpose (Our Ikigai)

We exist to collaboratively build an ecosystem for thriving businesses, working with accomplished business leaders who value conscious growth, mental resilience, and a purpose-driven approach

We are Purpose Driven

Momentus’ engagement approach is closely tied to our Ikigai. We have full clarity on the reason for our being and therefore engage with purpose and intent.​

We are deeply passionate about igniting transformative change that unleashes the remarkable potential of individuals within businesses.

As seasoned executives and senior leaders with an outstanding track record, we thrive in driving business success across diverse environments. Through our experiences navigating high-growth and challenging situations, we recognize the power of mental resilience and elevated consciousness in achieving extraordinary results. We harness this growth mindset to create unparalleled advantages for the businesses we partner with.

In a world where stress and negative emotions take a toll on employees and business leaders, there is an exhilarating opportunity for a fresh approach to drive profitable growth and reduce high employee turnover. Momentus offers the dynamic Growth Platform, cultivating a resilient ecosystem where all stakeholders thrive and make remarkable contributions.

We showcase the undeniable value we bring to our partner businesses and ensure fair compensation for our impactful contributions. Our approach to compensation is built on mutual value, fostering a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Within our platform, we cultivate personal meaning through Ikigai, empowering individuals to align their talents, passions, and professions with a purpose that extends beyond themselves.

Our leaders and teams embark on a transformative journey where our unique qualities drive positive change at the intersection of personal fulfillment and societal impact.

Why is Our Ikigai Important?

Our Ikigai solves tough challenges affecting our businesses and society as a whole:

Mental Health Challenges: Affects 1-in-2 Business Owners & 1-in-2 Business Leaders versus 1-in-5 in general population.

Record level of Stress:  Employees are stress and anxiety at record levels both in Canada and the United States.

Sinking Profitable Growth:  1-in-2 Private businesses are reporting below normal sales/profits, more than 2/3 reporting persistent stress. 

Going Concern Issues:  1-in-5 private businesses struggling and facing risk of closure in the next 12 months. 

Succession Risk:  Amidst the negative factors above, 75% of businesses require sale within 10 years.

Momentus lives its Ikigai through purposeful execution and alignment with core values. Every decision and initiative is driven by its mission. With unwavering commitment, Momentus creates meaningful transformations for leaders and the ecosystem.

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